I recently upgraded a NetWare 6.5 server to Support Pack 6 and I've followed
the threads here on all the iprint issues. I applied the post SP6 NDPS
patches since we were seeing some of issues outlined in the TIDs/Wiki.

I'm currently running NDPSM.NLM 3.02 dated 11/30/2006 and NDPSGW.NLM 4.00.05
dated 11/16/2006. I have approximately 100 printers attached, mostly Jet
Directs and Dell (Lexmark) using LPR. We are seeing frequent
LPR communication failures with these printers now requiring a
shutdown/restart of the printer. It seems to happen mostly with the
standalone Jet Direct boxes that have dot matrix (Okidata) printers attached
to them. I tried switching one of them to the RAW (9100) mode, but I am
still getting reports of the problem. This particular issues does not seem
to be addressed by any of the TIDs/patches.

Has anyone else seen this? Any other ideas on how to work around it? I'm
starting to regret loading SP6! ugh!