I have been using Windows Print services for Unix for years as a work around
to avoid purchasing expensive print servers and for printers that simply to
not have a print server option available to them.

All I have to do is install the Print services for unix (Add remove
programs -> Windows componenets -> Other Netowork file and Print Servies),
then add a local printer to the machine, change printer name to a "Unix" (no
spaces) then create a printer that prints to the IP of the workstation and
replace "PASSTHROUGH" with the "Unix name" of the printer.

All has been happy until I applied sp6 and post sp6 updates on Netware.

Suddenly ALL of my printers set up on machines with Windows Print services
for Unix are broken. Not completely broken, the IPrint server "sees" the
printer and machines running the IPrint client show the printer as ready and
even recieve and printed successfully popup when they send a print job to
printer. I can see the print job pass through the job list in printer
health monitor, but no print job ever comes out of the printer.

Any ideas as to what might have changed?