I'm having a strange issue with some HP 1320Ns. The users will print to
them with out issue most of the time. Periodically though print jobs will
stack up and then print after about 10 - 15 Minutes. During this time the
users will often cycle power, check paper trays and other things trying to
figure out why it won't print. They call the helpdesk and by the time I
check all is well and it is printing again. The users have taken to just
waiting the 10 - 15 minutes for the print jobs to come out. This happens
with more than one 1320n multiple workstations and users at random times.
It does not happen with other models of printers. The print server is NW6.0
sp5 all the printers are set up to use ipp port 9100.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.