I am having problems managing printers through iManager. I am getting a
"Exception reading printer control" with an error of:
NDPS Library Error Category: 100000Dh
Other Error: 8915h

I can't find any reference to this through the Knowledge base on Novell.com
and it seems to occure on any of the tabs or subtabs on any printer. I had
problems in the past with something similar but it went away when I went to
SP6 on the server. not for some reason it is back. I have restarted NDPS
broker/manager and Apache/tomcat4.

The only tab that seems to display anything is the Access Control tab. but i
can't get to Security. My end users are now complaining that they can't
install printers. (Error: "you don't have rights to install this.")

NW65 SP6
Client iPrint: 4.26