Since updating to nw65sp6 I has seen 'slow' printing.

We have 3 agents that forward jobs onto a windows server. These agents
rarely queued anything long enough to see user print jobs sat in the
queue, used to speedily spool the job to the windows server.

Now I am seeing a backlog of jobs :o( PDFs are the jobs that seem to
take a while to spool from the agent to MS server, maybe just because
they are in the region of 10 to 20MB in size. Yesterday one agent had
130 jobs sat there, with the top one quite merrily steadily printing

Everything was fine prior to SP6! I have the iprntnw65sp6b patch
installed, but not the newer NDPSGW.NLM from the 'c' patch. I will
impliment this ASAP though.

Is the NDPSGW.NLM from patch 'c' likely to resolve this issue for me do
you think?