I have a Windows XP SP2 PC with Novell client 4.91 SP2 & IE7. Updated the
iPrint via the iPrint URL i.e. http://hostname.ipp and and it went through
the installation procedure and looked OK. However, when I tried to install
the printer, it would say I need to install iPrint client first.

I make sure the path variable begins with
"%SystemRoot%\system32;%SystemRoot%;%SystemRoot%\S ystem32\Wbem;%SystemRoot%\system32\nls;%SystemRoot %\system32\nls\ENGLISH;".

Rebooted the PC and reinstalled iPrint client but via the
http://hostname/ipp page, I still got the same error when trying to add a

At the end, I was able to use the iprntcmd command to add the printer.

I wonder if other people have similar problem with IE 7 because it works on
other XP machine with IE 6.