As all others in here, we have also installed SP6 that break iPrint/NDPS.
SP6 is known to break iPrint and new Post-SP6 iPrint Patch was soon
released. This was det "a"-version.
I added this patch and iPrint started to work. But it seems that iPrint
only worked for some time and then stops.
We started to experiences some nasty problem about "Gateway not connected
to printer agent" for some printer that use Novell Gateway.
If we try to unload NDPSM then the whole server abend in NDPSGW and we
have to use powerswitch to reboot.

Yesterday i see the new Post-SP6 iPrint Patch version "C";
I added this but now the whole NDPS/iPrint is broken. If i load NDPSM then
the server imidiate abend in NDPSGW.
So this new "C" patch is still BUGGY!

Best regard,
Ronny Simonsen
Narvik - Norway

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