Since upgrading our NW 6.5 box to SP6, I was getting the error "system
cannot find the file specified" when trying to install a Xerox 7750GX
color printer. All other printers delivered drivers and installed
properly. To get around it, I installed the 7750DN driver and configured
with the GX feature set for the driver profile.

That was actually the second iprint problem I encountered with the
upgrade. The first was the gateway configuration. We originally set our
black and white printers up with the printername=direct using the HP
gateway so job info would not be retained on the printers. We switched
to the Novell gateway when the hp started abending the servers a couple
of years ago, but we kept the printername config. After SP6, I had to
reconfigure the printer to use "NDPSGW PORT=RAW HOSTADDRESS=x.x.x.x".
After reading through the newsgroup, it appears that it was recommended
a while ago to drop printername=direct or passthrough, yet it worked all
this time. Does this mean that new iprint coding is enforcing something
now that it used to ignore?