When we migrate iprint volume on our cluster (NW6.5sp5) it ususally works
fine. (printer shutdown quickly as in cluster script)

Just recently, the last two resource migrations stopped at 'Shutting down
printer 93 or 161'
The server at this point has very high util and must be powered off (waited
15 mins - couldn't load monitor - seems hung)

Why is it stopping at the same printer? Good question - there must be
something up with that printer #93.

Is there an easy way of finding out which prt is #93? I went to the console
and paged through the NDPS manager printers, but there must be another way
of counting? Then I wondered if the alphabetical order of NDPS Manager
display is the same sequence in counting to 93?

I tried looking at the 93rd printer, however there didn't seem to be
anything unusual about it.

Any ideas?

Thanks, Graham