I have a OES-Linux box and decided to upgrade iManager from 2.5 to 2.6
iManager is working well as expected, but I decided to install iPrint
services on the same server later on. I added the packages with YaST.
When I try to configure a DriverStore in iManager I get the error
described in the following TID

The solution to the problem is to configure iPrint within YaST, but then
I get another error when I try to do this:

"Product iPrint can not be installed and/or configured until the
following products are installed: ["Novell iManager"] Do you want to
install them too?"

I allready have iManager 2.6 and it seems as YaST isn't aware of this.
I'm afraid that if I choose YES I'll break iManager.

I have exactly the same problem on another OES-Linux server with the
NetStorage package. It seems as iManager 2.6 does something to the rpm

Any suggestions?