Since we installed the Sp6 on netware 6.5 (core novell) we have
during printing postscript file. The printer start to process and at
random place in the half of the job transmision error on lcd of the
printer during 2 seconde and the job loop to page 1 until the printer
are paper empty! weird ! :-)

The problem look to be with larger postscipt file then 2 megs (100
page and more)
The problem still occur after apply iprntnw65sp6e.zip.
The problem is present on 3 printers agent and 3 kind of printers
( hp8100, hp8150, lexmark)

Any one have the same symptom with postscipt file ?

Do you think that a can rollback to the ndpsm.nlm and ndpsmgw.nlm file
version of before sp6 ?