In the Sys:\System\sys$err.log of our print server based on NW 6.5 SP6 we
often find two kind of messages:
a.) RMS Report: Removing old directory:
b.) The Resource Management Service could not open the data file

The removal of directories happens even there were no changes made on the
system (e.g. removal of drivers from the broker). So, we had the
situation, that printers were losing there drivers and could not be
distrubuted no more.
On the other hand: Inside SYS:\ndps\xxxxx.PSM\PADBTXT.CSV the removed
directories are still listed (which explains from my point of view message
b. listed above).
1.) Does anybody else has the same phenomena?
2.) In general: When does the broker remove driver-directories (except
after a manual deletion of a driver)?

Thanks for your help