We ve the following problem on one Notebook.

3 different controlled access NDPS printers installed
2 local printers installed
Windows 2000 Professional

When a user is working offline (workstation only) at home everything is
fine without Logon dialogbox popups. When the user starts a bordermanager
VPN client to access Groupwise Online modus or opening Worddocument etc.
After some minutes a Novell Logon dialog box appears and it is repeating
every 2 minutes. When we do a "net stop spooler" at the notebook the Logon
dialog box disappears and no longer popups. The user does not logon to the
Novell tree, he is only making a vpn connection. In someway the printers
are polled by a piece of software.

In which way can this be fixed because this didn't happen before.

We already removed the networkprinters and including the drivers. And
after that we reinstalled them.