Good morning everyone;

Last week I installed SP6 onto the server and everything seemed to
work fine with server itself, however printing has now become an issue. The
customer was printing a large number of documents, and only half of the
printed material actually came out. They talked with their Gestetner rep,
and they ran the printer straight to the IP printing port through Windows,
which allowed them to print again, but that did not take care of the server
side. I have thought about loading the newest gateway to see if that will
resolve the issue,however; I also saw a posting about, you still can go
back to SP5 NDPSGW.NLM easily. How would this be accomplished, and what
other *.NLM's would I need to restore from the service pack 5 directory?
When I ran the service pack 6 update I did do a backup of the current
server so I should have those files still available to me, or would this be
a download from Novell support? Thank you very much in advance for any
assistance offered.