Hi All.

My Windows 2000 PCs, issue strange DNS queries when I open a print
dialogue box. The queries don't get answered, and so we get this long
timout thing happening before the dialogue box appears.
On the PC, have an app open, ready to print, and also a command prompt.
At the command prompt, do the ipconfig /flushdns to clear the cache.
Open the print dialogue box
The PC issues the following queries.
Name="ipp://": Type=A, Class=IN
(This is issued, then with no answer (obviously), the PC tries secondary
DNS svr, then tries both again with domain name search paths etc..)
When its all been tried, then the print dialogue box opens.

The systems are Win2K, SP4. Novell client 4.91 sp2. No ZFD client.
iPrint 4.15. PC is in a windows domain as well as NDS logins.
I disabled the binding to TCPIP for MS Client, MS File and Print share,
and Novell client. Stopped Netbios helper service. Only one printer
installed. (Note that the name being queried is contains the ip address of
the iPrint server).

I don't think its the iPrint software on the client as when the print
dialogue box eventually comes up, you can print without any delays.

Any help would be greatly appreceiated (please don't give me the "Upgrade
to XP" line - It does seem to fix the problem, but there a few PCs to do
and we're already working as fast as we can.)