Hi - I am new to iPrint on Netware 6.5, and so far everything seems to
make sense except how I upload drivers into the Broker. Here's my
current situation: I have a new HP DeskJet 6940 with a built-in
ethernet JetDirect card. I configured the DNS and DHCP so the printer
will work properly, then I installed the HP drivers on my test computer
(and selected the Network installation rather than the USB installation
option). I can print just fine to the new printer over the network. Now
I fire up iManager, go into iPrint, and select Manage Broker. I select
my Broker, then go to the Resource Management Service tab and select
the Windows XP Drivers link on that page. I have two options: Add From
File and Add From System. Although I have the CD, the Add From File
upload dialog wants me to select an INF file - and there are 15 INF's
on the CD! The Add From System button allows me to add lots of printers
from my local Windows repository, but my new printer installation (the
6940) is not on the list (even after a restart). Can anyone point me in
the right direction on how to find and select a printer driver to
upload (using either method or even an entirely different method)?

Thanx, Mike