Just passing on a FYI on the "LPR Communication Failed" problem I was
having with one Printer / Printer Agent.

One of our Agents with a Lexmark T520 printer all of a sudden started
getting the LPR error meesage. I went through a few of the TID's (I
haven't applied NW6.5 SP6 yet) and tried quite a few things. After a
suggestion by a co-worker to test the printer itself by changeing the IP
to be the same as another T520 using a different agent (it worked fine) I
changed the address back and then deleted the printer Agent and re-created
it using the exact same name and settings. It worked fine after that (the
user had to re-install the print driver to the PC).

I have never seen the suggestion of deleteing and re-creating the Agent
while trying to fix this error (or I missed it somewhere) so I thought I
would throw this up here.