We are about to start migrating our ~1500 print queues to iPrint. The print
queues are currently spread across 5 servers that are NetWare 6.5 SP6 and I
want to run iPrint on one OES Linux server (all of the servers are at the
same site). I also want to use the UpgradeQMSPrinters entry in the
iprint.ini to migrate the captured queues on the workstations to the iPrint

Does anyone have any suggestions or comments about this?
Does iPrint run just as good on Linux as it does on NetWare?
Is anyone running 1500 printers from one server?

We are also going to look at clustering iPrint. Has anyone had any
experiences with this that they would like to comment on?

We are in the planning phase and about to start testing this so any type of
suggestions or comments are welcome.