Having a lot of difficulty trying to create printer profiles.
Clustered iPrint on 4-node OESNW65sp5 w/post-sp5updates. NIPP is
4.26. Sys:etc\hosts on each of the physical nodes has an entry for
the pool server hosting the print manager.

I was originally getting 11001 errors, cleared that by adding a line
to hosts file on the workstation-to resolve to the pool server IP that
hosts the print manager.

I then created three profiles successfully, one each for Ricoh SP
C811DN in pcl5 and pcl6, and HP4700 using pcl5c driver. These all
created and associated with no error messages.

Then tried creating a profile for Sharp AR-M550N, Oce' Imagistics
IM4511, HP8150, and several others. I either get a hung iManager that
goes nowhere, or a Windows error--and the Windows errors aren't
consistent. I've had error code 1, 1801, and a few others.

All iPrint printers are installing with no problems and are printing
just fine. I just can't get driver profiles to complete consistently.
Any ideas??