We are having a problem w/ one of our printers when a job is sent to
it (from any program) it prints and then a blank sheet gets spit out
after the job. Banner sheets are disabled on the printer itself as well
as in iPrint, and its locked in iPrint. If we set the printer up as a MS
printer it works fine. But if its an iPrint printer w/ the same driver,
then that extra blank sheet gets spit out. This only started happening
about 2 weeks ago. Nothing has changed on the network since then and its
only this one printer when printing through iPrint. The printer is a HP
LaserJet 4000tn. The NW server is NW 6.5 SP 6 w/ iPrint release F.
Client v4.26. Workstations are Windows XP. The printer is currently
use the PCL6 driver, but the problem also exists when using PCL5e driver.

Any ideas would be appreciated. Im not quite sure where to go from here.