I have a problem loading iPrint page using IE7. I can see the iPrint home
page, and I can add printers.
But when I try to look at the status of a printer, I get a mostly blank
page and IE shows this error message:

Line: 123
Char: 4
Error: Object doesn't support this property or method
Code: 0
URL http://Server/ippdocs/ctrlie.htm?&op...-list-all-jobs

same Client using IE6 works fine.


WinXP Pro
NWClient 4.91 SP3
iPrint Client 3.9 (Updated to 4.28)


Netware 6.5 SP2
iManager 2.0.2
iPrint 4.0.2

I already tried:
- disable Popupblocker
- Novell iPrint Control ActiveX is already enabled (active)
- Uninstall iPrint Client 3.9
- Install iPrint Client 4.28
- Workaround form TID 3018152

The problem is, I have to find a solution without changing SupportPack
Version of Netware. Iím using software only supported by Netware 6.5 SP2

Any ideas?

Thanks! Volker