I have a Netware 6sp5 server running the 3.01 novell SNMP Gateway. I have
several HP 4250 printers/printer agents within the environment. I am
recieving the following warnings on my server.

NDPSGW - 3.01 - warning "printer agent name": The gateway failed a data
read from the LPR device (31) The remote printer may need attention.

From what I have read this is a common warning when running the NDPS SNMP
Gateway and HP 4250 Printers (I recently carried out a printer migration
and did away with the HP Gateway) and occurs when the server tries to
communicate with the device.

I have also read the reasons for this could be because of internal comms
issues and potentially firmware levels on the printers.

The printers appear to be printing fine, however the agent requires tobe
stopped and started and the printer rebooted from time to time.

Does anyone have anything to add to the above??

Thanks in advance