Th other day one of our SYS volumes filled up. After some investigation
we discovered that the spool directories (xxxx.PA) had tons of old print
files in them. The files were NOT in the Retained folder but off the root
of the PA directory.

It seems that some print jobs don't get deleted after they are printed. I
can reproduce this on my PC with some files. Notepad seems to do it all
of the time, Word will do it with a new document but if I print a document
that's been around for a while it works like it's supposed to.

Now I've got in the habit of manually going through 125+ spool directories
every couple of months and deleting old print files.

I've seen a couple of other posts with a similar problems but no fix.
Does anyone have any idea what's going on? I've verified that there is no
job retention type things turned on and this only happens with some print
jobs, not all print jobs have this problem so I'm not sure if it's client
side or server side issues.

Three different servers, NW 6.5 sp5, 3.01q NDPS Manager. Client has 4.91
sp3 Novell client installed. I can reporduce the problem on my PC with
one of the printers I use.

Any help would be appreciated.