Running NW65sp6 npds/iprint

My Site is trying to get a handle on printing, we have a combination of
HP printers and Xerox workcenter copiers, all using the NWgateway in ndps
for printing.

I have turned on auditing to begin getting a handle on the volume
printing, but unfortunately, if the user prints duplex or uses a printer
feature the job count seems to be inflated. At least on the Xerox. We
tested and the auditing counts the number of copies multiplied by the
number of pages when duplexed. So a 60 copy 2 page duplexed print is
counted as 7200 ([60copies]*[120total page]). this of course makes
auditing about useless.

My question is for anyone whom knows, Is there any auditing, rule
management/routing software out there, that works with NDPS/IPrint?

I've do some looking and have only found packages that exist solely for
windows network/print environments.

Thanks in advance.