This week I installed the iprntnw65sp6f patch on our NW 6.5 SP6 servers
to fix the recurring lpr communication problem. After reloading the
broker and manager, all users saw their printers removed and reinstalled
the first time they printed. Because of that, users lost print
preferences like default duplex printing. Also, a couple of printers
became disassociated with the driver profiles I had set up, so they were
missing options for duplex, extra tray and memory when they reinstalled.

We got that all straightened out, but I realized today I had loaded the
manager manually without the command line options we have in the cluster
load script. I migrated to the other node and back so the load script
would kick in. After that, each of my iprint printers uninstalled and
reinstalled when I printed or checked printer properties.

We've been installing iprint printers for over a year, and migrated all
workstation ndps printers to iprint about 2 months ago so this was not a
migration issue. I watched iprint printers in my print folder be removed
and reinstalled. Any idea what is happening here? Thanks.