OK, I posted this question earlier and Andrew was nice enough to post a TID
that addressed this. (Thanks Andrew) Unfortunately I wasn't able to schedule
a time to test this until now, and now that I have it didn't seem to work.

NDPSM loads fine on one node of the Cluster (NW6.5SP5, 2 node) but when it
fails over, or is loaded on the other node, it gives me "Unable to resolve
<DNS NAME>". I have put the name into the hosts file, and it does resolve
correctly via dns on both nodes (via nslookup and ping). I have started the
manager with the DNSNAME=<BLANK> switch to clear the name, and it loads. No
luck. As soon as I start it again with the dns name of the virtual server, I
get that error again.

Any ideas out there?

Adam Gabriel