Backstory -

Two Agent/Broker combo's were set up on the main servers (one for
students, one for fac/staff) under NS 6.0 (not sure which SP).

Both of those servers have since been updated through 6.5 SP4a, SP5,
and are now SP6.

At no time through the upgrades did I copy the NDPS folder from the
SYS volume to the PRINT volume until yesterday (while trying to solve
the problem).

Both brokers show driver options for adding XP, 2K, NT4 and 9.x
drivers, but not Mac/Linux (see for a screenshot).

I created a test server in our test environment and installed iPrint
(installed from the SP6 disk set) - That server gives me the option of
installing Mac/Linux drivers
( for a screenshot).

As far as I can tell, both are running identical installs of iPrint.
The .nlm is the same, the iPrint plug in for iMangager is the same, the
version of iManager itself is the same.

I figured maybe it was because the NDPS folder hadn't been copied in a
while to the print volume (where the RMS store is) - so I unloaded the
broker, copied the folder, reloaded the broker (waited for it to
reshuffle the database)... nothing. So, I started looking through the
folders for differences - maybe something didn't copy. I manually added
the Linux24 folder with the driver I had done from the test server and
reloaded the broker.... nothing.

What am I missing? Is it going to take re-installing iPrint?
Recreating the brokers? Shooting myself in the foot? :)

Thanks in advance.

trent le clair
southern oregon university