Hey everyone-
I recently migrated 2 servers both to new hardware, NW 6.5 SP6 to the
same. Both had iprint broker and managers on them. On both of them,
printers wont push out and when we try to install them from the /ipp
page, we get and error stating "Error Message: iPrint Client - The print
support file/driver was not found or is not currently available. Error
group: iPrint Client. Error Code: 1047." Uploading the drivers fixes
this, but with a lot of different types of printers out there this could
take a long time, especially since its on two servers. Also, nothing is
in SYS:\sys.mig on the two servers for ndps, so I cant copy the resdir
back over it. On one server, the winxp driver folder is completely
empty. the other server has drivers in the winxp folder, but I still
get the error.

Is there anything else I can try?