I have a Novell 6.5 sp6 Cluster environment. I am having trouble with
some of my printers using iPrint. When I create the Printer object It
says their is a LPR comm error, then sometimes it says it can't ping the
printer and sometimes a SNMP error.

I have around 10 other printers working fine, and 2 now which have this
error. I have tried changing from LPR to RAW, but I get the same error.
I have telnet into the printer using port 515 and 9100 and both are
succesful. I can ping the printer from my desktop and from the windows
servers, It has me total bamboozled and confused!!

I have set up the printer on my desktop with a IP port to check the
printer does work, and it does.

The printers I am having trouble with are Xerox Phaser 3500 and 3150. Any
advice would be appriciated