Has anyone had any success using the HP Universal Print driver (UPD) with
iPrint? HP Has brought out a new printing system (well new for OZ anyway)
where you print to a single device (which is actually a software printer)
and then walk up to any printer in the configuration, swipe your ID card,
and hey presto your output starts printing.

It's been quite a cool system for us as users no longer have to select
from mulitiple printers, they simply print to the same printer and collect
their output from any printer they're close to. (Canon have a similar
system as well). Good from a security aspect as well.

My problem is that we use different printers so we need to use the HP
Universal print driver. Also the HP software runs on a windows server so
our configuration is as follows:

We have 1 Printer defined in iPrint and one driver for it (the HP UPD).
This PA points to the ipaddress of a Windows server with a PRINTERNAME=
name of the HP software (using the Unix printing sub-system LPR/LPD).

If I use the driver for the specific printer it all works fine (for that
printer, we have HP4700 & HP8086) If I use the UPD it crashes the spooler
on the PC.

We want to keep the iPrint system as we do print to some 300 printers for
other parts of our business and the Web page maps are handy for our users.

I've tried both PCL6 and Postscript versions of the HP UPD. and
get the same errors. Would PCL5 be any different, should I be using an
earlier version of UPD?

Any ideas?...