We're in the process of changing out all of our Novell self-signed SSL
certificates for a unlimited-server wildcard certificate we purchased from
Digicert. This is mainly to solve the IE7 cryptic SSL warning pages that
make internal/external users think the site is down.


NW 6.5SP5a, and post patches.

My question is, what things, if any, to I need to watch out for with iPrint?

Can I simply alter the ipp.conf and replace the "NWSSLUpgradable 631 'SSL
CertificateDNS'" with the new certificate name I created for the wildcard,
restart apache2 (ap2webdn, ap2webup), and be done with it?

Also, if I alter my LDAP servers to also use this wildcard SSL certificate,
what changes/steps do I need to do with regard to the LDAPtrustedCA
"SYS:/Public/rootcert.der" setting.

If it matters, the wildcard from Digicert is chained from Digicert to