Hey all,

I have been struggling with secure iPrint now for about 2 years. Each time I think I got it hammered out, something else comes up and bites me.

The short of it is that I want to turn on Secure. When I do this, either my users keep getting prompted to login every time they print (sometime they can login and other times they can not) or they do not get prompted with anything and printing just doesn't happen.

The biggest problem I have seen is withing Terminal Services.

I got a note here from Brainshare that says I need to delete the sys:xtier\nifif.nlm file to solve this problem. Is this correct?

We just has someone print off about 2 reams of just from an anonymous account so it is kinda important for me to get this working. :) (any yes, accounting is turned on. That is how I know.)

I saw in a few other threads that there is a "persistent password" option on the iPrint client? I am on client 4.28 and I do not see it anywhere.