iPrint Desktop Client 4.26

I am having a problem with a new HP Color LaserJet 5550 that I've setup in
iPrint. The users want the printer to print black and white copies by
default, and color copies only when that option is manually selected.

The setup of the printer was pretty straight forward. The PCL 6 driver for
the printer was already loaded in the broker, so I didn't have to worry
about that step. I created the printer, enabled iPrint direct printing, and
set the gateway autoload command as follows:


I then created a printer driver profile, checked the "Print in Grayscale"
option (so it would print black and white by default), and then selected the
appropriate options for trays, duplexer, etc. After successfully creating
the driver profile I associated that profile with the iPrint printer.

We installed the printer on four machines. On two of the machines it works
as intended--the "Print in Grayscale" option is selected by default and the
printer will print black and white copies unless that checkbox is cleared.
On the other two machines the "Print in Grayscale" option is NOT pushed down
by iPrint, so those two machines will print color copies by default. To
further confuse the issue, one machine will print *everything* in
color--even if you tell it to print in grayscale.

All four machines are running the same versions of the iPrint client, Novell
client, and Windows XP SP2. Deleting the printer, removing the driver from
the machine, and then reinstalling the printer has no impact on this

I found TID 319961, but have not yet had a chance to try the fixes. I also
haven't had a chance to try reinstalling the iPrint client on the problem
machines. I'm also planning on re-loading the driver to the broker in case
I have a corrupt driver loaded in the broker.

Has anyone else ever seen a similar problem, and if so, how did you fix it?