I had a problem creating a new printer using imanager:

Error: Create Printer Failure
com.novell.service.dps.NDPSExtendedException: ServiceError: Unclassified
server error Object
Identification: .staff_mgr.prt.staff.shef

This was happening on other imanager too, to the same NDPS manager, even
cross tree. I was hoping that reloading the NDPS manager might have
resolved the error - but upon reloading I saw -618 error when every
printer agent loaded (thats a thousand times!).

We had to rename the database files to go back to a previous version on
the server local disk.

This same NDPS server had the create printer failure again, and left for a
week the problem 'went away'.

Then the NDPS server had an abend (Fatal exception, double fault,
OWCIMOMD.NLM) and auto recovered itself, and loaded the NDPSM from its
autoexec, and had all the -618 errors again, and we had to recover the
database again from files on disk.

It has been suggested that we reload the manager with the /defragdatabase

Does anyone have an ideas what may be happening???