For years we've been using NDPS on an aging 6.0 server. The server is
starting to have hardware problems so I need to move off of it. Would
also like to take the opportunity to upgrade to 6.5.

I understand that Novell does not support NDPS under Vista. While we are
not jumping to Vista, there's obviously no avoiding it.

What I can't find or puzzle out from the documentation is: Is there a
smooth path from 6.0 NDPS to 6.5 iPrint? I have dozens of NDPS printers,
and do not dare to bring them all down, so I must maintain NDPS support.
The documentation appears to hint that iPrint also supports NDPS, but
that's not clearly stated.

Can I run NDPS and iPrint simultaneously on a 6.5 server? Will the
migration from 6.0 to 6.5 (using the migration utility) bring along the
NDPS print structure, including spooling, etc.? Again, the documentation
is not informative.

I have approximately 250 workstations with an average of about 3 NDPS
printers accessible from each workstation. So there is a lot at stake
here if this goes wrong.

Gregg Shepherd