Our PC lab manager is currently working on the fall
configuration builds. She has encountered some odd
problems since I've been encouraging her to stop using
the QMS names, but use the iPrint client.

The base machine:
Gateway Profile 6

Novell Client 4.91 SP3

iPrint client 4.80
Firefox (updates turned off)

Fileserver NW6.5 SP6 and post-SP6 updates,
including iprntnw65sp6f.

Logged in as an admin-equivalent account; administrator
on the PC.

First problem encountered when installing a printer
was an error "The remote procedure call failed" with
an OK only. The printer appeared to be in the
printer and FAXes

Removed & attempted re-add of same printer (one of two
in a pool), with similar results (failed to install).

Attempted to add the other printer in that pool, installed
with no problems.

After she got to about the 6th printer, the browser simply
hung when she clicked Yes to install the printer. Task
Manager reported Firefox not responding.

She rebooted & everything seemed fine; but then she calls
back w/list of continuing problems that she forwarded
to me:

- firefox kept hanging
- restart machine
- install 2 printers
- firefox hang
- restart computer
- install 3 printers
- firefox hang
- restart computer
- RPC error
- gave up

Right now she wants to go back to using the QMS names,
which I prefer to avoid, but can't blame her.
Where should I look to find what may be going on?
On the server? the workstation?

I have also been thinking of moving toward a dedicated
print server, rather than having all the printers
spread across 4 servers. Would this help? Hurt? make
little or no difference?

Any thoughts/suggestions to move forward with this?


Alan Weitzsacker
Canisius College, Buffalo, NY