Hello. I have ready many other posts on this but none of them seem to
solve my problem. I have a NW 6.5 sp5 box setup as an print server.
We want to use iPrint mainly for the Print Driver Profile option. I
have setup the print manager and broker. I have also setup 3 printers
and was able to add the proper drivers. I am now trying to create a
Print Driver Profile for each of these and get the following error:

Winsock 10061 - The remote party has refused your connection.

I have tried using iManager 2.6 that is installed on the print server
as well as Mobile iManager. I have updated the iPrint plugin for both
versions of iManager. I have ran pkidiag and sdidiag for other
problems and everything is OK. I have also tried running iManager from
3 different computers(Windows XP and Windows 2000) with no success.

Anybody have some other ideas or troubleshooting steps I can try?

As always thanks.



Jonathan Jenkins