I am trying to get iPrint to work with the secure access mode. I want the
students that are using iPrint to have to log in to get the access to
printers that I have setup for them. I tried to set this up on the printer
for my department but am running into problems. When I install the printer
I can print to it and everything works fine. When one of the other techs
tryes to connect and install the printer it errors out and ask's him to
log in. He is logging into the system using his eDirectory credentials and
has the latest iPrint client I have posted. Any ideas on what I have done

NetWare 6.5.6
Client 4.91SP3
iPrint 4.28

I have given the other tech user rights and operator rights to the
printer. I also had him install the iPrint client after the Novell Client
was installed. It just seems like he is loosing the authentication side of
things when talking to iPrint.