We use NW65 SP6 for our cluster servers (we are currently moving from NW6
to NW65 SP6) and use NDPS but are ging to use iPrint.

According to the documentation from NW65 SP2 onwards, we should have the
option under iPrint in iManager to create printer Driver Profiles.

Though we have the iPrint option and underneath options like Create
Printer, etc.. We don't have the option to create Driver Profiles. These
other options all work correctly.

Are special add-ons needed? I logged in on the server that runs both the
broker and one printermanager, I've tried other servers (iManager is
standard installed on all our servers) as well as checked for plug-ins and
iPrintpatches (all installed).

Anyone suggestions?

Thanks beforehand a lot!

Ariane van Heuven Gemeente Arnhem