I am in the process of move my NDPS install in a new server. On the old
server we used an IP address, not a DNS entry to load the NDPS Manager
NLMs. So moving the printers on the client workstations is going to be a
bit tougher. We should have used DNS entries!

I wrote a program that reads all of the all old Iprint printers, then
reinstalls them pointing correctly to the new server. This program works
well ONLY if the user has admin rights to the PC.

The program calls Iprntcmd.exe to do all the adding and removing. But
Iprntcmd.exe does not add printers when the user has normal rights. The
user can add printers by using the Iprint web page.

I tried running the program via Zen as admin. But then the users could not
change any of the printer defaults.

I am getting short on ideas.

* Details
Server that holds new Iprint, 6.5sp6. Iprint version on PCs 4.26.

NDPS Manager v3.02

Phil J.