I know this is not a iPrint specific problem, but it is kind of related.
We are doing an MFD rollout where the user prints to a single iPrint
driver and whatever MFD the user goes to they can swipe a card and the job
will come out.
The single driver is deployed via iPrint and is required for eDirectory
authentication. That driver maps to a print driver on a Windows server
which the third party application matches the DN to a proxy card number
and the association is made. That all works fine

The problem we have is the driver on the windows server will not accept
anymore that 32 characters in the owner field. So when you see the job
come through on the Windows server in the status window of the printer
driver you should see joeblog.OUThree.OUTwo.OUOne.Organistion in the owner
field. But if the DN exceeds 32 characters it truncates the O to .s
(dots) to complete up to 32 characters. So in the above example you
would see joeblog.OUThree.OUTwo.OUOne..... in the owner field of the
status window of the print driver

The print job is showing the correct DN when it is leaving the users PC it
is only on the Driver of the Windows server that we are seeing this

Any ideas