We use PJL banners to ensure that printers are correctly set up - trays
set to Letterhead etc.

These text files are loaded to the broker then selected on the printer
using the Defaults(legacy) setting via iManager.

When the printers print the banner is not found by the system & then a
default banner is printed instead. No problems occur if no banner is

When looking at the printer in NWAdmin - no banners are displayed -
although they are displayed when looking at the broker.

This only seems to happen on 6.5 SP6 servers (I have set 2 up here and 1
has also been set up in London).

The only time I have seen something similar is when I used the HP gateway
for a printer - selected the banner OK but because I had copied the
banners around manually I had not copied the particular banner into the
temporary directory used by the HP gateway (HPNDPS00.TMP) I think it was.

Additionally when clicking on the Features... button you get the following

"An error occurred accessing the printer features.
Message number: 445
For more information, look up the following error code in the online
documentation: (0x00100003)"

Needless to say this does not exist in the online documentation.