Hello All,

I am having a major problem with a nw 6.5 sp6 server and ndpsm. Running the
ndps manager is fine until I enable iPrint from iManager 2.6 (iPrint snapins
2.1). At that point, the server CPU utilization jumps to 100% and is
unusable. It also will not unload at that point. I have tried many of the
suggestions on the knowledgeable including applying patch iprntnw65sp6f and
anything else that I believed might help (/nosrs, restoring from an old db,
etc). It also appears that if I boot the server with ndpsm loading from the
autoexec.ncf, as soon as the manager loads and iPrint is enable, it jumps to
full utilization. The only time it will not do this if I disable iPrint for
all the printers. I am curious to find out if rebuilding the printer
database from scratch would solve the problem. Thanks for any assistance
you can offer.