Ok, this has been bugging me ever since I started using NDPS and
continues to be an issue.

Intermittently, a printer will simply stop printing. If I look at the
Printer Agent List, it usually says "Idle." If I shutdown the PA and
restart it, printing resumed immediately.

Most of the Printer Agents do service legacy queues. The print devices
(LinkSys, HP JetDirect, NetGear, DLink, etc.) are online, pingable and
appear to be functional.

This may be a red herring, but it appears to happen after a power bump
or a network "event."

It happens to all of my servers that host iPrint. Currently, they're
NetWare 6.5SP5 (NDPSM v3.01.22), NetWare 6.5SP2 (ya, I know...) (NDPSM
v3.01.09) and NetWare 6.5SP3 (NDPSM v3.01.14) but the problem has
existed for quite a while.

Am I missing something basic here? SNMP issue?

Any thoughts, folks?