Part of the idea of upgrading to NW6.5 SP6 was to have our Macintoshes
print in the labs using iPrint and having a common area for the Help Desk
folks to check for printing issues.

The person who handles the Mac labs has reported to me today that there is
a problem with his lab setups.
He has installed the iPrint client logged in as himself (I'm assuming
privileged on the Mac).
Logs out & logs in as a non-privileged user
Attempts to print - using 3 different printers, he has 3 reactions:
1. Sends job, and the print service simply stops.
2. Sends job, and appears to keep trying to print, but nothing ever
prints. He said it "keeps spinning forever"
3. Sends job, appears to go through, disappears immediately, but nothing

The first 2 are HP LJ 9000N printers, they are pooled together, the linux
and mac postscript driver was uploaded from a laptop that I have SLED 10
SP1 installed on.
The 3rd is a HP LJ 4000N, also set up with the linux and mac postscript
driver from the same SLED10SP1 box.

The Mac's are running OS X 10.4.10 or 10.4.9
The dmg file used for installation are what was installed during the
NW65SP6 patch install; the post-SP6 iprntnw65sp6f update had been applied,
but the iprntdmg426 looked to be the same file, so I didn't copy over what
the SP6 update installed. (Dated 10/19/2006 01:27 PM 752,841 bytes)

His initial testing from his office Mac was using another HPLJ 4000N and
he had no problems.

Are there any considerations or TIDs that I've missed regarding a lab
situation with Macintoshes? I don't have one on my desk and am not
familiar with OS X - the last time I used a Mac was MacOS 9. Any specific
questions I should ask?