I hope this is the correct place to ask this!

I am sure that like most people, we are starting to migrate some of our
services away from NetWare and on to either OES Linux or SLES10. I am
currently trying to migrate the services from one of our NetWare servers
onto a SLES 10 SP1 server.

I have managed to get most of the services migrated on to the SLES 10
server (such as Apache, Tomcat, PHP, MySQL etc.) however when I install
iManager 2.6 on to it I cannot manage my iPrint printers, Brokers or
Managers. The role is not available, and when i check it, the reason is
"No pages run in the current environment or support the current device"

My iPrint infrastructure is currently on NetWare 6.5 SP6 (and all the
patches!) and when I installed iManager i ensured that the iPrint plugin
was installed. I have also had the iManager support pack installed as
well and now the current version is now iManager with SP3.

Does anyone know how i can get the iManager running from the SLES server
to manage the iPrint infrastucure running on NetWare? Is it possible to
do this?

Hope someone can help.