He everyone,

I am running NW6.5 SP6 + POST Patches (Upto July 29th) and workstation
have iPrint v4.30 (deployed automatically) and Zenworks V7.01 Hotpatch 6.

All the printers installed are iPrint. I have setup a policy to deploy
printers automatically. When logging on the printers install and then
sometimes immediately delete. This does not happen all the time. There
seems to be no pattern. The printer policy is a Workstation Policy and
there are NO user policies for iPrint.

Within event viewer on XP sp2 I can see events under SYSTEM saying that
'Printer \DNSNAMEPRINTERNAME is pending deletion' then on the next line
'Printer \DNSNAMEPRINTERNAME was deleted'.

Can anyone give any advice on this as I have exhausted all TIDs.

Many thanks.