I have been thinking about upgrading from NDPS to iPrint. Does iPrint
allow me to assign certain printers to certain groups and auto install
them like NDPS? We are a school and if a student gets reimaged for
whatever reason, I would like the group that she belongs to determine
what printers get installed on her machine. For example, the reimage
machine does not have any printers installed. When user suzy, which
belongs to group 2013, logs in, I want it to install the printers
assigned to group 2013. If this can be done then how?

After I push the iPrint client to everyone, should I turn of the RPM
setup for my current NDPS printers? I would think that it would keep
trying to install the NDPS printers along with the iPrint printers.

After I am fully migrated to iPrint, when I install a new printer driver
for a certain model of printer, and change the name, will it auto update
the drivers on all of my clients?

I use a program called pcounter to set print limits on all of my
students. Has anyone had any experience with this using iPrint? I
would assume it doesn't matter since the printer is created in NDPSM the
same way, no matter if IPP is turned on or not.

Lets say I have 5 printers that I only want the accounting department to
have access too. So if you are not a member of the accounting group you
cannot install the printer via the http://server/ipp page. It tells you
that you do not have the correct access or something of that nature.
Can iPrint do this and how?

That is it for now. I am using iPrint on my NW65 server.