We have an HP OfficePro K550 color printer that is networked. The IP
address is obtained via DHCP, and we've verified it's correct. The
printer is set up in iPrint and was printing fine until about a month
ago. No changes have been made to the network.

When a user prints a document to the printer, iPrint reports the job as
having been printed, but the printer doesn't do anything. If the job
is more than four pages long, it prints the fourth page but no other
pages. This is only through iPrint. If you connect a workstation up
directly using the USB port, it prints fine. If you set up the printer
as a direct TCP/IP printer in Windows, it prints fine. We tried
removing the printer from the Print Manager and recreating it using a
slightly different name (added the letter "n" to the end of the name).
At first it printed fine but then it exhibited the same behavior as
before. I'm not sure what's going on with this printer. It's the only
printer on the network that's acting this way (we have about 70

Thanks in advance for any assistance.