Hello. I work for a small school district and have installed BM3.9 over
the summer. Mostly for filtering web sites for the kids and also time
restrictions for Internet use. They have one Public IP address, a Cisco
Router that is doing NAT, a Dell 2850 Server, 4 gig RAM, with Netware
6.5.6. The server has 2 nics with a 10.0.0.X on one and a 192.168.X.X on
the other. The 10. is Private and the 192.168 is set to Public in
iManager. Transparent Proxy is enabled. iPrint and Backup Exec remote
agent and a RW replica are aslo on this box. The other server has GW7.02
and is the master.

I have the Access Rules pretty much working (myspace and addictinggames)
and just set up the time restrictions rule for the Student container.

Here is the problem - from the server console I ping google.com The ping
screen comes up and says to check the netdb and resolv.cfg files. From
there I put in the ISP DNS server IP address and get about 38% and

StopBrd and then put in the other (or same) DNS address - 100%. Then I
can put in google.com and it comes up with 100% also.

It seems that after about an hour of running, BM gets confused or
something and just kills the internet. Those working in a page, the
screens slow to a crawl or time out.

School is starting (for the kids) on Wednesday and we would really like
them NOT to be able to get to myspace or addictinggames, but with
BorderManager running - there is no Internet for anyone!

I have read thru the forums and looked thru Craig's book (beta 1 version,
got it a coupe weeks back) and have not found what I think is the
solution. Can someone point me in the right direction please?

I'm usually only on site once a week, but have been there twice this week
and will be there tomorrow as well.

Thanks in advance and I'm hoping it is a simple (my fault) solution.